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The needs of children with orthopedic conditions or injuries are unique. At Premier Orthopedics in Dearborn and Canton, Michigan, Alaa Mansour, DPM, and Jiab Suleiman, DO, specialize in pediatric orthopedic care for sports injuries, congenital disorders, and deformities that negatively impact your child’s mobility. They take a gentle approach with each child and focus on care plans that ease pain and restore function in the affected joint or extremity. If your child has a fracture, joint condition, or needs relief from chronic pain. Call Premier Orthopedics to schedule a diagnostic evaluation or book an appointment online today.

Pediatric Orthopedics Q&A

What pediatric orthopedics services are available?

The medical team at Premier Orthopedics offers diagnostic and treatment services that address a variety of pediatric orthopedic conditions. The surgeons are highly skilled at treating children, teenagers, and young adults and focus on helping them enjoy a high quality of life for years to come.

Your child can receive customized care plans for issues like:

  • Spine trauma
  • Sports injuries
  • Spine and joint deformities
  • Hip and pelvis disorders

The team also provides limb lengthening and reconstruction surgeries and offers therapies that focus on correcting musculoskeletal neurological conditions.

When should I seek treatment for a pediatric orthopedic condition?

Children are prone to sprains and strains during regular play or because of sports-related activities. If your child experiences acute pain that’s treatable with over-the-counter medicines and home care, they may not need medical intervention.

However, if your child’s pain worsens over time or isn’t getting better with rest and home remedies, you shouldn’t delay a diagnostic consultation at Premier Orthopedics.

Through early intervention, the orthopedic specialists can treat the injury and prevent additional complications. Your provider can also provide resources to keep your child safe from injuries when they’re able to return to sports and other physical activities.

What can I expect during an evaluation for pediatric orthopedic injuries?

During your child’s initial evaluation, the Premier Orthopedics physicians take time to review your child’s symptoms and their personal and family medical history. Your provider also examines your child to identify swelling, redness, and bruising.

To confirm the root cause of pain and other symptoms, your child may need X-rays or other imaging tests. Once the Premier Orthopedics team confirms a diagnosis, they create a treatment plan that focuses on repairing or reconstructing damaged tissues or joints.

Initially, care may involve conservative treatments like:

  • Rest
  • Casting
  • Bracing
  • Medications
  • Physical therapy

If these treatments aren’t enough, your child may need surgery. The Premier Orthopedics surgeons use minimally invasive, arthroscopic techniques that require only small incisions and cause less trauma to your body. Arthroscopic surgery also reduces your child’s risk for infections and scars and allows them to heal faster than traditional open surgery.

After surgery, your child may need physical therapy to rebuild muscle strength and restore range of motion in the treatment area. Premier Orthopedics offers an on-site physical therapy team to support your child’s recovery.

To learn more about the pediatric orthopedic services available at Premier Orthopedics, call the office nearest you or book an appointment online today.